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Mediated girlhoods : new explorations of girls' media culture

  title={Mediated girlhoods : new explorations of girls' media culture},
  author={Mary Celeste Kearney},
Contents: Mary Celeste Kearney: Introduction: Girls' Media Studies 2.0 - Yuka Kanno: Love and Friendship: The Queer Imagination of Japan's Early Girls' Culture - Sarah Nilsen: All-American Girl? Annette Funicello and Suburban Ethnicity - Kirsten Pike: "The New Activists": Girls and Discourses of Citizenship, Liberation, and Femininity in Seventeen, 1968-1977 - Kristen Hatch: Little Butches: Tomboys in Hollywood Film - Angharad N. Valdivia: This Tween Bridge over My Latina Girl Back: The U.S… 
The authentic conservative Wonder Woman: Israeli girls negotiating global and local meanings of femininity
ABSTRACT Girls in Western societies are increasingly exposed to feminist ideas, often led by women celebrities. The current study explores how Israeli girls negotiate feminist concepts such as ‘girl
The authenticity of social-media performance: lonelygirl15 and the amateur brand of Young-Girlhood
This article analyzes the gendered expectations of authenticity in online amateur media performances through a reading of the 2006 vlog series lonelygirl15. Actress Jessica Rose was part of an
Tween Intimacy and the Problem of Public Life in Children’s Media: “Having It All” on the Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana intervenes directly in discourses about childhood, publicness, and consumerism, establishing a model of hugely successful multimedia celebrity acts, bridging film, television, and popular music and focused entirely on preadolescent child audiences.
Lolita Is in the Eye of the Beholder: Amplifying Preadolescent Girls’ Voices in Conversations about Sexualization, Objectification, and Performativity
The latest “girlhood crisis” sparking controversy in academic and popular culture discourse is the premature sexualization of girls’ media and consumer-product environments, which has been termed the
‘Diaspora girls doing identities’: Creating ideal television programmes and narratives of the self
This article reports on the results of a visual ethnographic case study with teenage diaspora girls living in Belgium. It analyses how second-generation girls of Turkish descent perform identities
An Intersectional Feminist Review of the Literature on Gendered Cyberbullying: Digital Girls
Abstract: Harmful tropes such as the “mean girl” and the “good girl” continue to inform both public dialogue and dominant scholarship around girls and bullying. This article reviews the existing
Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: ‘becoming’ a woman, ‘becoming’ a star
The beginning of the twenty-first century saw a vast expansion of media aimed at the pre-adolescent female consumer demographic. Through an analysis of Hannah Montana, and in particular its lead
Gender as performance : girls narrating their gender identity negotiations
Gender as performance: Girls narrating their gender identity negotiations By Janis Wall Saint Mary’s University, 2014 Under the Supervision of Dr. Michele Byers Working from a post-structuralist
Bound by Paper: Girl Fans, Movie Scrapbooks, and Hollywood Reception during World War I
ABSTRACT:Fan media practices, shaped by the advent of commercial narrative cinema in the 1910s, owe much to young female audiences. However, in-depth knowledge of these early fan communities is slim,
Kisses, Bitches: Pretty Little Liars Frames Postfeminism’s Adolescent Girl
ABSTRACT: This article examines the contribution of the young adult series Pretty Little Liars to contemporary understandings of the teenage girl. Over the course of eighteen novels, protagonists