Median raphe cyst of the penis with ciliated cells.

  title={Median raphe cyst of the penis with ciliated cells.},
  author={Jorge Roman{\'i} and M Asunci{\'o}n Barnadas and J. M. Miralles and Rom{\'a}n Curell and Jos{\'e} Mar{\'i}a de Moragas},
  journal={Journal of cutaneous pathology},
  volume={22 4},
Cystic lesions occurring on the ventral surface of the penis have been classified as median raphe cysts of the penis. They are lined by pseudostratified, columnar or stratified squamous cell epithelium, mimicking the epithelial lining of the male urethra. Ciliated cysts of the human skin are unusual. Cystic lesions containing ciliated cells have been noted to occur in the chest, neck, or head, and bronchogenic origin has been the most accepted explanation for its origin. Other reports show the… CONTINUE READING

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