[Medial pancreatectomy with pancreatogastric anastomosis in pancreatic neoplasms].


AIM OF THE STUDY To report a personal series of ten patients who underwent a medial pancreatectomy with pancreaticogastrostomy for tumor of the pancreas. MATERIAL AND METHODS An equal number of five patients had solid and cystic tumors. The solid tumors were all endocrine and included two cases of insulinoma and solitary cases of VIPoma, glucagonoma, and non-secreting tumor. Five patients had a cystic tumor which was in two cases a serous cystadenoma, and in the other cases, a mucinous cystadenoma, a solid pseudopapillary tumor, and a solitary hydatid cyst of the pancreas. The operative procedure included a middle segment pancreatectomy, a suture of the proximal pancreatic stump, an anastomosis of the distal pancreatic stump with the stomach and an external transgastric drainage of the distal main pancreatic duct. RESULTS In the postoperative course, a sero-hematic collection close to the anastomosis occurred in four patients and required external drainage in three cases. All patients recovered without sequela of pancreatic dysfunction. CONCLUSION This series confirms the place of medial pancreatectomy in resection of non-enucleable tumors of the middle part of the pancreas. It also shows that pancreaticogastrostomy is a technical simplification compared to Roux-en Y pancreaticojejunostomy in this particular modality of pancreatectomy.


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