Media in performance - the Subway project


The collaborative media-art project Subway combines the mediation of a dance performance with interactive digital technology toward a new performative feedback loop. In a response to the restrictive practices regarding dancing in public in Iran, Subway applies digital technology to connect performers in the USA with those in Iran. Together, they create a new mediatised performance. The piece uses digital technology to break a dance video documentation into individual frames, which become the basis for a cell phone application that allows performers in Iran to re-enact individual poses. Finally, each pose is sent back and re-assembled in the documentation of the shared event. The text outlines the background of this work, its implementation, as well as the particular condition for the socio-technological context, and ongoing and future work. Subway is presented as a piece of experimental media performance art that integrates technology in a transformative way as it answers given cultural challenges.

DOI: 10.1504/IJART.2014.066454

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