Media effects : advances in theory and research

  title={Media effects : advances in theory and research},
  author={J. Alison Bryant and Dolf Zillmann},
Contents: Preface. M. McCombs, A. Reynolds, News Influence on Our Pictures of the World. D. Zillmann, Exemplification Theory of Media Influence. G. Gerbner, L. Gross, M. Morgan, N. Signorielli, J. Shanahan, Growing up With Television: Cultivation Processes. L.J. Shrum, Media Consumption and Perceptions of Social Reality: Effects and Underlying Processes. D.R. Roskos-Ewoldsen, B. Roskos-Ewoldsen, F.R.D. Carpentier, Media Priming: A Synthesis. A. Bandura, Social Cognitive Theory of Mass… 
Campaigns, Reflection, and Deliberation: Advancing an O-S-R-O-R Model of Communication Effects
Recent communication research concerning participatory politics has found that the effects of media, especially campaign ads, conventional news, and online political resources, are largely mediated
Conceptualizing Media Enjoyment as Attitude: Implications for Mass Media Effects Research
Despite its popularity in mass media effects research, the concept of media enjoyment has yet to be clearly explicated or theoretically integrated into media effects theories. In this analysis, the
Putting Things into Context: A Meta-Analysis of Media Context Effects on Attitudinal Outcomes
Abstract The role of media context in advertising has been the subject of interest for marketers and media practitioners over the past 50 years. However, there remains a lack of clarity on the
The Politics of Media, Questioning for Minimum or Maximum Effect?
The mass media with its ability to construct reality, allegedly influence the political situation in society. Various theoretical studies of communication have even formulated several possible
Theories of Mass Communication and Media Effects Across Cultures
Theories of mass communication effects are roughly distinguished between direct effects as in stimulus–response theories and limited effects that take more communication variables into account, for
Cultivation Effects of a Newspaper on Reality Estimates and Explicit and Implicit Attitudes
  • F. Arendt
  • Psychology
    J. Media Psychol. Theor. Methods Appl.
  • 2010
The data show evidence of a significant causal influence of newspaper exposure on implicit attitudes, and a marginally significant causal effect on the overestimation of foreigners as offenders and on explicit attitudes toward the EU.
Media Influence as Persuasion
F or almost a century, mass communication researchers have wrestled with questions of how, why, when, and where media produce effects. These issues, which span a broad range of areas including health
Permanently Online: A Challenge for Media and Communication Research
Media and communication research has developed and flourished mainly as a discipline that investigates what the media do to people. In the 1970s, this question was turned upside down and gave way to
Media Use and Its Effects in a Cross-National Perspective
This contribution provides a critical reflection on the state-of-the-art of cross-national media use and media effect studies. Increasing availability of data sources, advances in theorizing and