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Media Rituals: A Critical Approach

  title={Media Rituals: A Critical Approach},
  author={Nick Couldry},
Figures and Plates Preface 1. Media Rituals: The Short and the Long Route 2. Ritual and Liminality 3. Ritual Space: Unravelling the Myth of the Centre 4. Rethinking Media Events 5. Media 'Pilgrimages' and Everyday Media Boundaries 6. Live 'Reality' and the Future of Surveillance 7. Mediated Self-Disclosure: Before and After the Internet 8. Beyond Media Rituals? References Index 

Structuring the Sacred: Media Professionalism and the Production of Mediated Holocaust Memory

In this study, the authors explore the considerations that guide media organizations when they narrate the past. To operationalize this research interest, the authors interviewed 10 senior Israeli

Media rituals and festive culture

• Most research on media rituals is based on the assumption that they fulfil a `natural' need in keeping society together. Recently, different scholars have questioned this `neo-Durkheimian'

Mediatized rituals: beyond manufacturing consent

The study of mediatized rituals challenges entrenched theoretical views about media power, its locations and determinations and the role of media in processes of manufacturing consent. Contrary to

Siblings in Cyberspace: Carey's Ritual Model of Communication in the Digital Age

This essay examines James W. Carey’s ritual model of communication, as described in his book Communication as Culture in 1989, long before the phenomenon of digital media became prevalent. By

Expressive Violence: The Performative Effects of Subversive Participatory Media Uses

This article discusses the communication strategies employed by 8 school shooters who used participatory media to frame their acts as well as their identity. By resorting to content analysis of 78


The concept of “ritual” has played an important role in research within mass media and journalism studies in the last decades. Both ethnographic and anthropological research in media studies has

Transformation as Narrative and Process: Locating Myth and Mimesis in Reality TV.

The terrain of television has been perceived as mythopoeic with its ability to integrate the real and the unreal, crafting a liminal space which is always betwixt and between. The recent debates

Gatekeepers of cultural memory: Televising religious rituals in Tansen, Nepal

Abstract This paper examines the coverage of religious festivals by a local cable television organisation in Nepal. The fact that the programmes made by this organisation feature only some of these

Mediatized ritual: Expanding the field in the study of media and ritual

The purpose of the article Mediatized ritual – Expanding the field in the study of media and ritual is to identify the key debates in present-day scholarship on media and ritual and bring them into

Staging a social drama: Ritualized framing of the spring festival homecoming in Chinese state media

The transformation of Chinese media from the propaganda organ of the Party-state to its central means of hegemony has given rise to typified news practices that vary in formality but cohere in


De la division du travail social

quelques remarques sur les groupements professionnels : en reeditant cet ouvrage, nous nous sommes interdit d' en modifier l' economie premiere. Un livre a une individualite qu' il doit garder. Il