Media Representations of Women Politicians in Australia and New Zealand: High Expectations, Hostility or Stardom

  title={Media Representations of Women Politicians in Australia and New Zealand: High Expectations, Hostility or Stardom},
  author={Elizabeth van Acker},
  journal={Policy and Society},
  pages={116 - 136}

Norms and rage: Gender and social media in the 2018 U.S. mid-term elections

C lark, H elen



Hansonism, Right-Wing Populism and the Media

  • S. Crofts
  • Political Science
    Queensland Review
  • 1998
Abstract This essay aims to explicate the conditions enabling Hansonism. Politically, it argues that the party's exploitation of cynicism about mainstream politics and deepening economic and social

Helen: Portrait of a Prime Minister

New Zealand's first woman Prime Minister remains an enigma to many, despite her almost daily exposure on television. In this biography, the author has produced a comprehensive and absorbing account

A star is born: the roller coaster ride of Pauline Hanson in the news

Australia's most recent controversial political figure is Independent MP Pauline Hanson. As the media event of the year, her press coverage has eclipsed that even of Prime Minister John Howard. She

Women and Politics

Thai women were equally given constitutional right to vote and to stand for national election since 1932, at the debut of democracy. Under the definition of equal right in many of the Thai charters,

Making policy not tea : women in Parliament

This volume allows women Members of Parliament of the 1980s and 1990s a chance to speak for themselves, to go beyond the constraints of the government and to reflect upon the interplay between their

Woman Suffrage in Australia: A Gift or a Struggle?

1. Introduction 2. South Australia 3. Western Australia 4. The Federal Movement 5. New South Wales 6. Tasmania 7. Queensland 8. Victoria 9. The politicians and the women 10. The arguments and the

One Love Too Many: The Undoing of Pauline Hanson

This paper focuses on desire and its animating force in the Pauline Hanson One Nation Party. Examining the symbolic logic underpinning the rapport between Pauline Hanson and her constituency, it

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  • 1999

Getting Even: Women MPs on Life, Power and Politics

  • 1999

Figures of Vulnerability: A Culture of Contradiction