Media Coverage of Child Sexual Abuse: A Framework of Issue-Specific Quality Criteria

  title={Media Coverage of Child Sexual Abuse: A Framework of Issue-Specific Quality Criteria},
  author={Nicola D{\"o}ring and Roberto Walter},
  journal={Journal of Child Sexual Abuse},
  pages={393 - 412}
ABSTRACT Sensationalist, stereotyping or otherwise biased media coverage of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) can harm survivors and is detrimental to rational, solution-oriented public debates on the issue. While the Public Interest Model (PIM) of normative media theory promotes generic quality dimensions, there currently is no framework of issue-specific media quality for reporting about CSA. This paper aims at developing such a framework, working deductively with PIM and inductively with different… 

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Media Performance: Mass Communication and the Public Interest

PART ONE: MASS COMMUNICATION AND SOCIETY Public Communication and Public Interest Contested Territory Media Performance Traditions of Enquiry The `Public Interest' in Communication PART TWO: MEDIA