Meconium and neurotoxicants: searching for a prenatal exposure timing.

  title={Meconium and neurotoxicants: searching for a prenatal exposure timing.},
  author={Juan Antonio Ortega Garc{\'i}a and David Gallardo and Josep Ferr{\'i}s i Tortajada and Marian Mart{\'i}nez Garc{\'i}a and Joan O. Grimalt},
  journal={Archives of disease in childhood},
  volume={91 8},
BACKGROUND Exposure to organochlorine compounds (OCs) has been a subject of interest in recent years, given their potential neurotoxicity. Meconium is easily available and accumulates neurotoxicants and/or metabolites from the 12th week of gestation. AIMS To determine whether neurotoxicants, specifically OCs, could be detected in serially collected meconium, and to compare the results with those obtained in cord blood samples. METHODS A sample of cord blood and three serial stool samples… CONTINUE READING
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