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Mechatronics and Motionability of an Underwater Robot : A Review

  title={Mechatronics and Motionability of an Underwater Robot : A Review},
  author={Himanshu Khattar}



Design and evolution of a piezoelectrically actuated miniature swimming vehicle

This work details the design of a miniature swimming vehicle that propels itself through oscillations of a flexible fin mounted in the stern. The fin is driven through a mechanism that is actuated by

Development of a biomimetic robotic fish and its control algorithm

The design of a radio-controlled, four-link biomimetic robotic fish is developed using a flexible posterior body and an oscillating foil as a propeller and its motion control algorithms are implemented.

Biomimetic Vortex Propulsion: Toward the New Paradigm of Soft Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

A soft robot is presented which replicates the ability of cephalopods to travel in the aquatic environment by means of pulsed jet propulsion. In this mode of propulsion, a discontinuous stream of

On a Bio-inspired Amphibious Robot Capable of Multimodal Motion

This paper addresses the system design and locomotion control for a versatile amphibious robot, AmphiRobot-II, inspired by various amphibian principles in the animal kingdom. In terms of the

Free-Locomotion of Underwater Vehicles Actuated by Ionic Polymer Metal Composites

In this paper, we develop a modeling framework for studying free-locomotion of biomimetic underwater vehicles propelled by vibrating ionic polymer metal composites (IPMCs). The motion of the vehicle

Dynamic model of a hyper-redundant, octopus-like manipulator for underwater applications

The kinematics and dynamics of this hyper-redundant manipulator are analyzed and simulated utilizing a modular computational modeling method, and the effect of hydrodynamic forces is included.

Modeling of Biomimetic Robotic Fish Propelled by An Ionic Polymer–Metal Composite Caudal Fin

In this paper, a physics-based model is proposed for a biomimetic robotic fish propelled by an ionic polymer-metal composite (IPMC) actuator. Inspired by the biological fin structure, a passive

Development of underwater microrobot using ICPF actuator

The experimental results indicate that the swimming speed of the proposed underwater microrobot can be controlled by changing the frequency of input voltage.

Design of a biomimetic robotic octopus arm.

The design of a robot arm is proposed consisting of an artificial muscular hydrostat structure, which is completely soft and compliant, but also able to stiffen, by showing the results obtained by mathematical models and prototypical mock-ups.