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Mechatronics and Motionability of an Underwater Robot : A Review

  title={Mechatronics and Motionability of an Underwater Robot : A Review},
  author={Vivian A. Asare and Rohit Sunil Shende},
Most of the research activities have been latterly emphasized on the prototype and actualization of the underwater mechanisms. This paper is related to the evolution of the aquatic robots with their morphology and functional attributes in unstructured habitats. The deployed system construction of such robots with different stuffs that advanced the robots from substantial to micro magnitude in underwater environments is reported. Furthermore, different automations that allow the robots with… 
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Design and Control of Underwater Robots with Rotating Thrusters

Among other robots, underwater robot design involves critical control issues due to complex non-linear force and turns controlling. In this paper, a robust approach was proposed to efficiently



An elastic pulsed-jet thruster for Soft Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

The robot developed here is the first in its kind, being a soft aquatic robot which travels in water by pulsed-jet propulsion, and an inverse correlation between the frequency of pulsation and the speed of the robot is demonstrated.

Steering mechanism of underwater micro mobile robot

A prototype micro mobile robot which has a new steering mechanism and has many possible applications, such as small pipelines inspection and use in biomedical fields is proposed.

Autonomous Modular Optical Underwater Robot (AMOUR) Design, Prototype and Feasibility Study

A novel modular underwater robot which can self-reconfigure by stacking and unstacking its component modules, and demonstrate depth control, linear motion, target module detection, and docking capabilities.

Design and Control of Autonomous Underwater Robots: A Survey

  • J. Yuh
  • Computer Science
    Auton. Robots
  • 2000
This paper surveys some key areas in current state-of-the-art underwater robotic technologies, by no means a complete survey but provides key references for future development.

Mechanism and swimming experiment of micro mobile robot in water

This paper shows a prototype micro-mobile robot in water (double-fin-fish robot), which possesses a pair of fins and moves them symmetrically and has many possible applications, such as small pipeline inspections and biomedical fields.

Dynamic model of a hyper-redundant, octopus-like manipulator for underwater applications

The kinematics and dynamics of this hyper-redundant manipulator are analyzed and simulated utilizing a modular computational modeling method, and the effect of hydrodynamic forces is included.

Biorobotic fins for investigations of fish locomotion

Data from both biorobotic fins will be presented and discussed in terms of the utility of using robotic models for understanding fish locomotor dynamics.

Free-Locomotion of Underwater Vehicles Actuated by Ionic Polymer Metal Composites

In this paper, we develop a modeling framework for studying free-locomotion of biomimetic underwater vehicles propelled by vibrating ionic polymer metal composites (IPMCs). The motion of the vehicle

Building a 3D simulator for autonomous navigation of robotic fishes

  • Jindong LiuHuosheng Hu
  • Engineering
    2004 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) (IEEE Cat. No.04CH37566)
  • 2004
The experimental results show that the use of the 3D simulator used for studying the motion control and autonomous navigation of a robotic fish is a realistic and convenient way to develop autonomous navigation algorithms for robotic fishes.