Mechanosensory neurons control sweet sensing in Drosophila

  title={Mechanosensory neurons control sweet sensing in Drosophila},
  author={Yong Taek Jeong and Soo Min Oh and Jaewon Shim and Jeong Taeg Seo and Jae Young Kwon and Seok Jun Moon},
  booktitle={Nature communications},
Animals discriminate nutritious food from toxic substances using their sense of taste. Since taste perception requires taste receptor cells to come into contact with water-soluble chemicals, it is a form of contact chemosensation. Concurrent with that contact, mechanosensitive cells detect the texture of food and also contribute to the regulation of feeding. Little is known, however, about the extent to which chemosensitive and mechanosensitive circuits interact. Here, we show Drosophila… CONTINUE READING