Mechanoreceptors in the human elbow ligaments.


The medial, annular, and lateral elbow ligaments from 6 fresh human cadavers were dissected from origin to insertion, stained, and examined with a light microscope to determine the existence of mechanoreceptors. It was shown that the anterior, posterior, and transverse medial ligaments as well as the annular and radial collateral ligaments were endowed with mechanoreceptors. The mechanoreceptors consisted of Golgi organs, Ruffini terminals, Pacinian corpuscles, and free nerve endings. The mechanoreceptors were distributed evenly throughout the annular and transverse medial ligament, but with increased density toward the origin and distal insertions in the radial, posterior, and anterior medial ligaments. It was concluded that the elbow ligaments may provide significant sensory function to the elbow joint, in addition to being its major mechanical restraints.

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