Mechanochemical Treatment of CaC03 for Reducing Hyprophylicity

  title={Mechanochemical Treatment of CaC03 for Reducing Hyprophylicity},
  author={Marcel Popa and Aura Angelica Popa},
  • Marcel Popa, Aura Angelica Popa
  • Published 1998
  • Materials Science
  • Abstract The article discusses the modification of CaCO3 hydrophylicity by mechanochemical methods, in view of its compatibilization with hydrophobic polymeric matrices. The observation was made that by ultrahigh-speed stirring of the solutions of polybutadiene and acrylic acid—in which CaCO3 powder has been suspended—as well as by vibratory milling of CaCO3 in the presence of isoprene, modifications in the hydrophylicity of the anorganic particles occur. The treatment's efficiency depends on… CONTINUE READING

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