Mechanocardiograph Sensors Using Amorphous Star-Shaped Core Multivibrators


Highly stable and accurate mechanocardiograph sensors are presented using linear magnet-displacement sensors with a star-shaped amorphous core multivibrator. 2N zero-magnetostrictive amorphous wire cores are combined in a new star-shape configuration, in which the influence of external disturbance fields such as terrestrial fields is almost completely… (More)


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@article{Mohri1987MechanocardiographSU, title={Mechanocardiograph Sensors Using Amorphous Star-Shaped Core Multivibrators}, author={Kohta Mohri and K. Yoshino and Takumi Matsumoto}, journal={IEEE Translation Journal on Magnetics in Japan}, year={1987}, volume={2}, pages={982-987} }