[Mechanized system for planning technological processes].


A mechanized system for the production processes planning involving the use of an electronic code device for data preparation on a punched tape of the "EPECT-IT" type, at the base of which there are classifiers of standard operations and transitions to individual design members, is considered. A fragment of the classifier and a skeleton diagram of the system are presented. It is pointed out that the use of the system helps improve the quality of the design work, as well as to yield considerable economic advantages. The system is in operation at some enterprises of the medical engineering industry.

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@article{Pashchenko1977MechanizedSF, title={[Mechanized system for planning technological processes].}, author={V S Pashchenko and Adam M. Shapiro}, journal={Meditsinskaia tekhnika}, year={1977}, volume={1}, pages={46-50} }