Mechanistic studies of high-density lipoproteins.

  title={Mechanistic studies of high-density lipoproteins.},
  author={Moti L. Kashyap},
  journal={The American journal of cardiology},
  volume={82 12A},
  pages={42U-48U;  discussion 85U-86U}
There is increasing evidence that high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and its subfractions are protective against atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Physical exercise, weight reduction, smoking cessation, diabetes mellitus control, and specific drugs, including niacin, fibrates, and estrogens, are effective methods to increase HDL levels. Niacin is the oldest and most powerful clinical agent for raising HDL levels. Niaspan, an extended-release niacin formulation, is as potent as immediate… CONTINUE READING
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