Mechanistic insights into functional characteristics of native crotamine.

  title={Mechanistic insights into functional characteristics of native crotamine.},
  author={Daniel Batista da Cunha and Ana Vit{\'o}ria Pupo Silvestrini and Ana Carolina Gomes da Silva and Deborah Maria de Paula Estevam and Fl{\'a}via Lino Pollettini and Juliana de Oliveira Navarro and A. A. Alves and Ana Laura Rem{\'e}dio Zeni Beretta and Joyce M Annichino Bizzacchi and L{\'i}lian Cristina Pereira and Maur{\'i}cio Ventura Mazzi},
  journal={Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology},
The chemical composition of snake venoms is a complex mixture of proteins and peptides that can be pharmacologically active. Crotamine, a cell-penetrating peptide, has been described to have antimicrobial properties and it exerts its effects by interacting selectively with different structures, inducing changes in the ion flow pattern and cellular responses… CONTINUE READING