Mechanisms regulating eosinophil extravasation in asthma.

  title={Mechanisms regulating eosinophil extravasation in asthma.},
  author={E F Knol and David A. Roos},
  journal={The European respiratory journal. Supplement},
Infiltration of eosinophils into tissue allergic inflammation is mediated by a combination of processes. Eosinophil L-selection and very late activation antigen (VLA-4) can selectively regulate eosinophil adhesion to the endothelium. Activating cytokines, such as interleukin (IL)-5, regulated upon activation in normal T-cells (RANTES) and monocyte chemotactic peptide (MCP)-3 specifically act on eosinophils. Moreover, eosinophils from allergic individuals can be primed for increased adhesion and… CONTINUE READING

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