Mechanisms of thrombocytopenia in malignant tertian malaria.

  title={Mechanisms of thrombocytopenia in malignant tertian malaria.},
  author={R B Skudowitz and Jacob Katz and Alan L. Lurie and Jack Levin and Jack Metz},
  journal={British medical journal},
  volume={2 5865},
The mechanism of thrombocytopenia in six patients with falciparum malaria has been studied. All the patients recovered after antimalarial therapy, and cerebral malaria was not a feature. Radioactive-labelled platelets and fibrinogen were injected into the patients during the phase of thrombocytopenia. In all cases recovery of injected platelets was notably subnormal, indicating excessive splenic pooling of platelets. Platelet life span was moderately shortened in all patients, and platelet… CONTINUE READING