Mechanisms of thermogenesis induced by low protein diets.

  title={Mechanisms of thermogenesis induced by low protein diets.},
  author={Nancy J. Rothwell and Michael J. Stock and Robert S. Tyzbir},
  journal={Metabolism: clinical and experimental},
  volume={32 3},
Weanling (22-day-old) rats fed a low protein (8% casein) diet consumed the same amount of energy as controls (22% casein diet), but intake corrected for body size (kJ/kg0.75) was increased in the former group. Weight gain and the efficiency of gain (g gain/MJ) were markedly reduced in low protein fed rats. Resting oxygen consumption (VO2) was elevated by 15% in the low protein group but this difference was completely abolished by beta-adrenergic blockade with propranolol. Interscapular brown… CONTINUE READING