Mechanisms of statin-induced myalgia assessed by physiogenomic associations.

  title={Mechanisms of statin-induced myalgia assessed by physiogenomic associations.},
  author={Gualberto Rua{\~n}o and Andreas Windemuth and Alan H. B. Wu and John P. Kane and Mary J. Malloy and Clive R. Pullinger and Mohan Kocherla and Kali Bogaard and Bruce R. Gordon and Theodore Holford and Ankur Gupta and Richard L. Seip and Paul Daniel Thompson},
  volume={218 2},
OBJECTIVE We investigated genetic variants predictive of muscular side effects in patients treated with statins. We utilized a physiogenomic approach to prototype a multi-gene panel correlated with statin-induced myalgia. BACKGROUND Statin-induced myalgia occurs in ∼10% of lipid clinic outpatients. Its clinical manifestation may depend in part upon gene variation from patient to patient. METHODS We genotyped 793 patients (377 with myalgia and 416 without) undergoing statin therapy at four U… CONTINUE READING