Mechanisms of risk in preterm low-birthweight infants.

  title={Mechanisms of risk in preterm low-birthweight infants.},
  author={Christopher Edward Williams and Elizabeth S. Davenport and Jonathan Sterne and Vythil Sivapathasundaram and Janice M Fearne and Marah A. Curtis},
  journal={Periodontology 2000},
The periodontal diseases share many common risk factors with preterm low birth weight. Examples are, age, socioeconomic status and smoking (Fig. 5). Studies to date have only shown an association between the two conditions, and this does not indicate a causal relationship. However, since the inflammatory mediators that occur in the periodontal diseases, also play an important part in the initiation of labor, there are plausible biological mechanisms that could link the two conditions. The… CONTINUE READING

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