Mechanisms of leukotriene D4-induced constriction in human small bronchioles.

  title={Mechanisms of leukotriene D4-induced constriction in human small bronchioles.},
  author={Vladimir A. Snetkov and K J Hapgood and Clare G McVicker and Tak Hong Lee and Jeremy P T Ward},
  journal={British journal of pharmacology},
  volume={133 2},
We examined the mechanisms underlying leukotriene D4- (LTD4) induced constriction of human small (300 - 500 micron i.d.) bronchioles, and the effect of LTD4 on ion currents and Ca2+ transients in smooth muscle cells (SMC) isolated from these bronchioles. LTD4 caused a concentration-dependent bronchoconstriction with an EC50=0.58+/-0.05 nM (n=7) which was not easily reversible upon washout. This bronchoconstriction was entirely dependent on extracellular Ca2+. Blockade of L-type Ca2+ channels… CONTINUE READING