Mechanisms of hypoxia-induced cerebrovascular dilation in the newborn pig.

  title={Mechanisms of hypoxia-induced cerebrovascular dilation in the newborn pig.},
  author={Charles W. Leffler and Jeffrey S Smith and Jamie L Edrington and Samuel L. Zuckerman and Helena Parfenova},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={272 3 Pt 2},
The hypothesis that endothelium-dependent components contribute to the cerebromicrovascular dilation to hypoxia in the newborn pig was addressed. Piglets anesthetized with ketamine-acepromazine and maintained on alpha-chloralose were equipped with closed cranial windows. Injury to the endothelium of pial arterioles was produced by light activation of fluorescein dye. Light/dye injury reduced the pial arteriolar dilation to hypoxia (5 min, arterial PO2 approximately 30 mmHg) from 57 +/- 9 to 19… CONTINUE READING
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