Mechanisms of hemolysis-associated platelet activation.

  title={Mechanisms of hemolysis-associated platelet activation.},
  author={Christine Carlisle Helms and Madison Marvel and W Zhao and Mona St{\aa}hle and Rebekah S Vest and Gregory J. Kato and Janet S. Lee and Guenter Christ and Mark T Gladwin and Roy R. Hantgan and Daniel B. Kim-Shapiro},
  journal={Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis : JTH},
  volume={11 12},
BACKGROUND Intravascular hemolysis occurs after blood transfusion, in hemolytic anemias, and in other conditions, and is associated with hypercoagulable states. Hemolysis has been shown to potently activate platelets in vitro and in vivo, and several mechanisms have been suggested to account for this, including: (i) direct activation by hemoglobin (Hb); (ii) increase in reactive oxygen species (ROS); (iii) scavenging of nitric oxide (NO) by released Hb; and (iv) release of intraerythrocytic ADP… CONTINUE READING