Mechanisms of colicin binding and transport through outer membrane porins.

  title={Mechanisms of colicin binding and transport through outer membrane porins.},
  author={Zhenghua Cao and Phillip E. Klebba},
  volume={84 5-6},
To kill Escherichia coli, toxic proteins, called colicins, pass through the permeability barrier created by the outer membrane (OM) of the bacterial cell envelope. We consider a variety of different colicins, including A, B, D, E1, E3, Ia, M and N, that penetrate through the porins OmpF, FepA, BtuB, Cir and FhuA, to subsequently interact with a few targets in the periplasm, including TolA, TolB, TolC and TonB. We review the mechanisms, demonstrated and postulated, by which such toxins enter… CONTINUE READING


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