Mechanisms of cisplatin- and m-chlorophenylbiguanide-induced emesis in ferrets.

  title={Mechanisms of cisplatin- and m-chlorophenylbiguanide-induced emesis in ferrets.},
  author={Takeshi Kamato and Hiroyuki Ito and Yukinori Nagakura and Atsushi Nishida and Hidenobu Yuki and Mayumi Yamano and K. Miyata},
  journal={European journal of pharmacology},
  volume={238 2-3},
We investigated the involvement of peripheral and central serotonin (5-HT)3 receptors in cisplatin- and 5-HT3 receptor agonist-induced emesis in ferrets. Cisplatin (10 mg/kg i.v.)-induced emesis was inhibited by intravenous YM060 (0.003-0.1 microgram/kg). A highly selective and potent 5-HT3 receptor agonist, m-chlorophenylbiguanide (1-10 mg/kg i.p.), dose dependently elicited emesis an effect which was inhibited by YM060 (0.003-0.3 microgram/kg i.v.). Vagotomy markedly reduced this emesis, and… CONTINUE READING


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