Mechanisms of ciprofloxacin removal by nano-sized magnetite.

  title={Mechanisms of ciprofloxacin removal by nano-sized magnetite.},
  author={Sudipta Rakshit and Dibyendu Sarkar and Evert J. Elzinga and Pravin Punamiya and Rupali Datta},
  journal={Journal of hazardous materials},
An understanding of the interaction mechanisms of antibiotics with environmentally relevant sorbents is important to determine the environmental fate of antibiotics and to develop wastewater treatment strategies. Magnetite (Fe(3)O(4)(s)) is ubiquitous in the environment and occurs as a secondary corrosion product of iron nanoparticles that are commonly used as a remediation material. In this study, we aimed to assess the sorption mechanisms of ciprofloxacin (CIP), an important class of… CONTINUE READING


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