Mechanisms of cardiac nerve sprouting after myocardial infarction in dogs.

  title={Mechanisms of cardiac nerve sprouting after myocardial infarction in dogs.},
  author={Shengmei Zhou and Lan S. Chen and Yasushi Miyauchi and Mizuho Miyauchi and Saibal Kar and Simon Kangavari and Michael C. Fishbein and Behrooz Sharifi and Peng-Sheng Chen},
  journal={Circulation research},
  volume={95 1},
Cardiac nerve sprouting and sympathetic hyperinnervation after myocardial infarction (MI) both contribute to arrhythmogenesis and sudden death. However, the mechanisms responsible for nerve sprouting after MI are unclear. The expression of nerve growth factor (NGF), growth associated protein 43 (GAP43), and other nerve markers were studied at the infarcted site, the noninfarcted left ventricle free wall (LVFW), and the left stellate ganglion (LSG) at several time points (30 minutes to 1 month… CONTINUE READING
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