Mechanisms of Escherichia coli inactivation by several disinfectants.

  title={Mechanisms of Escherichia coli inactivation by several disinfectants.},
  author={Min Sock Cho and Jaeeun Kim and Jee Yeon Kim and Jeyong Yoon and Jae-Hong Kim},
  journal={Water research},
  volume={44 11},
The objective of this study was to elucidate dominant mechanisms of inactivation, i.e. surface attack versus intracellular attack, during application of common water disinfectants such as ozone, chlorine dioxide, free chlorine and UV irradiation. Escherichia coli was used as a representative microorganism. During cell inactivation, protein release, lipid peroxidation, cell permeability change, damage in intracellular enzyme and morphological change were comparatively examined. For the same… CONTINUE READING


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