Mechanisms of Disease: ryanodine receptor defects in heart failure and fatal arrhythmia

  title={Mechanisms of Disease: ryanodine receptor defects in heart failure and fatal arrhythmia},
  author={Masafumi Yano and Takeshi Yamamoto and Yasuhiro Ikeda and Masunori Matsuzaki},
  journal={Nature Clinical Practice Cardiovascular Medicine},
Abnormal regulation of intracellular Ca2+ by sarcoplasmic reticulum plays a part in the mechanism underlying contractile and relaxation dysfunction in heart failure (HF). The protein-kinase-A-mediated hyperphosphorylation of ryanodine receptors in the sarcoplasmic reticulum has been shown to cause the dissociation of FKBP12.6 (also known as calstabin-2) from ryanodine receptors in HF. In addition, several disease-linked mutations in the ryanodine receptors have been reported in patients with… CONTINUE READING


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