Mechanisms of Action of Ladasten: Activation of Gene Expression for Neurotrophins and Mitogen-Activated Kinases

  title={Mechanisms of Action of Ladasten: Activation of Gene Expression for Neurotrophins and Mitogen-Activated Kinases},
  author={M. Kh. Salimgareeva and Renat S. Yamidanov and Yu. V. Vakhitova and Sergey B. Seredenin},
  journal={Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine},
We studied the effects of single treatment with ladasten (50 mg/kg) on the content of effector kinases of the mitogen-activated cascade (ERK1/ERK2), pERK1/ERK2 activity (Thr202/Tyr204), and expression of genes for neurotrophic factors BDND and NGF in the striatum, hypothalamus, and hippocampus of rats. 
Effects of the Novel Anti-Asthenic Drug Ladasten on Behavior and T-Cell Subsets Alterations in a Social Defeat Animal Model of Depression
The notion that depression is accompanied by cell-mediated immune activation and that targeting this pathway may be a new therapeutic approach for treatment is supported and further investigations of ladasten as a potent anti-depressive drug which can be used alone as well as in combination with other anti-Depressants are supported.
The effect of 3,7-diazabicyclo[3.3.1]nonanescontaining monoterpenoid moieties on the physical activity of mice.
The aim of this work is to study the effect of agents combining fragments of monoterpenoids and 3,7diazabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane (bispidine) on the performance of mice. Physical endurance was studied


Clinically Relevant Doses of Fluoxetine and Reboxetine Induce Changes in the TrkB Content of Central Excitatory Synapses
It is proposed that BDNF, whose synthesis is increased by antidepressants, and which is in part released at synaptic sites, binds to TrkB in PSDs, leading to the internalization of the BDNF-TrkB complex and, thus, to a decrease of TrkB at postsynaptic densities in the PSDs.
Mood Stabilizer Valproate Promotes ERK Pathway-Dependent Cortical Neuronal Growth and Neurogenesis
It is found that chronic treatment of rats with valproate increased levels of activated phospho-ERK44/42 in neurons of the anterior cingulate, a region in whichValproate-induced increases in expression of an ERK pathway-regulated gene, bcl-2, demonstrate that valproates activates the ERK route and induces ERK pathways-mediated neurotrophic actions.
Inhibition of ERK pathway or protein synthesis during reexposure to drugs of abuse erases previously learned place preference.
It is shown that an established CPP can be disrupted when reactivation associates both the conditioned context and drug administration, and systemic treatment preventing ERK activation during reexposure erases the previously learned behavioral response.
cDNA macroarray analysis of gene expression changes in rat brain after a single administration of a 2-aminoadamantane derivative
The analysis of hybridization on macroarrays has demonstrated that Ladasten alters the expression of 12 genes in the rat brain, and the changes in their activity explain the mechanisms of the anxiolytic and mood-stabilizing effects of the drug.
Elevated Levels of the Chemokine GRO-1 Correlate with Elevated Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Proliferation in theJimpy Mutant
A novel mechanism by which proliferation of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells is regulated in the postnatal spinal cord in response to insult is suggested.
[DNA macroarray analysis of gene expression changes in rat brain after single administration of 2-aminoadamantane compound].
Assessment of changes in mRNA expression of 588 genes in rat brain after acute treatment of 2-aminoadamantane compound--Ladasten showed that Ladasten induced genes are involved in the different signalling pathways, genes encoding the cytosceletal proteins, synaptic proteins, and metabolism enzymes.
Transcriptional regulation by MAP kinases
  • Roger J. Davis
  • Biology, Computer Science
    Molecular reproduction and development
  • 1995
The MAP kinase pathway represents a significant mechanism of signal transduction by growth factor receptors from the cell surface to the nucleus that results in the regulation of gene expression.