Mechanisms linking socioeconomic disadvantage and BMI in smokers.

  title={Mechanisms linking socioeconomic disadvantage and BMI in smokers.},
  author={Darla E Kendzor and Michael S Businelle and Ludmila M. Cofta-Woerpel and Lorraine R Reitzel and Yessenia Castro and Jennifer Irvin Vidrine and Carlos A. Mazas and Paul M. Cinciripini and David W Wetter},
  journal={American journal of health behavior},
  volume={37 5},
OBJECTIVES To evaluate a conceptual model of the psychosocial pathways linking socioeconomic status and body mass index (BMI) among smokers. METHODS A latent variable modeling approach was used to evaluate the interrelationships among socioeconomic status, perceived neighborhood disadvantage, social support, negative affect, and BMI among smokers recruited from the Houston metropolitan area (N = 424). RESULTS A total of 42.4% of participants were obese, with the highest prevalence of… CONTINUE READING