Mechanisms behind gender differences in circulating leptin levels.

  title={Mechanisms behind gender differences in circulating leptin levels.},
  author={Lars Hellstr{\"o}m and Hans Wahrenberg and Karel Hruska and Signy Reynisdottir and Peter Arner},
  journal={Journal of internal medicine},
  volume={247 4},
OBJECTIVES To investigate gender differences in circulating leptin levels and adipose tissue production of leptin. DESIGN SETTING AND SUBJECTS Thirty-two men and 63 women with a large interindividual variation in body mass index (BMI), but otherwise healthy, were investigated after an overnight fast. Body fat (bioimpedance), abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue secretion of leptin in vitro and serum leptin were determined. RESULTS Although there was no gender difference in mean BMI or fat… CONTINUE READING


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