Mechanism of the catalytic deperoxidation of tert-butylhydroperoxide with cobalt(II) acetylacetonate.

  title={Mechanism of the catalytic deperoxidation of tert-butylhydroperoxide with cobalt(II) acetylacetonate.},
  author={Natascia Turr{\'a} and Ulrich Neuenschwander and Alfons Baiker and Jozef Peeters and Ive Hermans},
  volume={16 44},
The Co(II)/Co(III)-induced decomposition of hydroperoxides is an important reaction in many industrial processes and is referred to as deperoxidation. In the first step of the so-called Haber-Weiss cycle, alkoxyl radicals and Co(III)-OH species are generated upon the reaction of the Co(II) ion with ROOH. The catalytic cycle is closed upon the regeneration of the Co(II) ion through the reaction of the Co(III)-OH species with a second ROOH molecule, thus producing one equivalent of the peroxyl… CONTINUE READING
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