Mechanism of systemic vasodilation during normovolemic hemodilution.

  title={Mechanism of systemic vasodilation during normovolemic hemodilution.},
  author={D. N. Doss and F George Estafanous and Carlos Maria Ferrario and Jose M. G. Brum and Paul A. Murray},
  journal={Anesthesia and analgesia},
  volume={81 1},
In the nonfailing heart, normovolemic hemodilution increases cardiac output and decreases total peripheral resistance (TPR). Putative mechanisms mediating the decrease in TPR include reflex vasodilation and changes in the local regulation of blood flow. Our objectives were to determine whether ablation of reflex neural mechanisms or the inhibition of nitric oxide (NO) synthase, the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of the endothelium-derived relaxing factor (EDRF-NO), modulates the systemic… CONTINUE READING