Mechanism of interaction of monovalent ions with phosphatidylcholine lipid membranes.

  title={Mechanism of interaction of monovalent ions with phosphatidylcholine lipid membranes.},
  author={Robert V{\'a}cha and Piotr Jurkiewicz and Michal Petrov and Max L. Berkowitz and Rainer A. B{\"o}ckmann and Justyna Barucha-Kraszewska and Martin Hof and Pavel Jungwirth},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. B},
  volume={114 29},
Interactions of different anions with phospholipid membranes in aqueous salt solutions were investigated by molecular dynamics simulations and fluorescence solvent relaxation measurements. Both approaches indicate that the anion-membrane interaction increases with the size and softness of the anion. Calculations show that iodide exhibits a genuine affinity for the membrane, which is due to its pairing with the choline group and its propensity for the nonpolar region of the acyl chains, the… CONTINUE READING
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