Mechanism of insulin-stimulated electrogenic sodium transport.

  title={Mechanism of insulin-stimulated electrogenic sodium transport.},
  author={Jose Rodriguez-Commes and Carlos M. Isales and L Kalghati and J Gasalla-Herraiz and John P. Hayslett},
  journal={Kidney international},
  volume={46 3},
Studies were performed to determine the signal transduction mechanism involved in the onset of insulin stimulated electrogenic sodium transport (Ieq) in cultured A6 cells. Insulin stimulated Ieq at a threshold concentration of one nM and a half-maximum concentration of approximately 3 nM. The onset of action occurred within 10 seconds and the increase in Ieq was augmented by pretreatment with aldosterone, similar to the action of vasopressin. Insulin stimulated an increase in Ca2+i in a dose… CONTINUE READING


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