Mechanism of enhanced luminescence in InxAlyGa1−x−yN quaternary alloys

  title={Mechanism of enhanced luminescence in InxAlyGa1−x−yN quaternary alloys},
  author={Cheng Hsing Chen and Li Ying Huang and Y. F. Chen and Hongxing Jiang and J. Y. Lin},
  • Cheng Hsing Chen, Li Ying Huang, +2 authors J. Y. Lin
  • Published 2002
  • Physics
  • We report a firm evidence of enhanced luminescence from InGaN-like clusters in InxAlyGa1−x−yN quaternary alloys. Photoluminescence (PL) and Raman scattering measurements have been employed to study the optical properties of these alloys. The excellent correlation between the phonon replica structures accompanying luminescence line and the observed InGaN-related phonon modes in Raman spectra provide a powerful evidence showing that the existence of InGaN-like clusters is responsible for the… CONTINUE READING

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