Mechanism of cyanoacetylene photochemistry at 185 and 254 nm.

  title={Mechanism of cyanoacetylene photochemistry at 185 and 254 nm.},
  author={David R. Clarke and James P. Ferris},
  journal={Journal of geophysical research},
  volume={101 E3},
The role of cyanoacetylene (HC3N) in the atmospheric photochemistry of Titan and its relevance to polymer formation are discussed. Investigation of the relative light absorption of HC3N, acetylene (C2H2), and diacetylene (C4H2) revealed that HC3N is an important absorber of UV light in the 205- to 225-nanometer wavelength region in Titan's polar regions. Laboratory studies established that photolysis of C2H2 initiates the polymerization of HC3N even though the HC3N is not absorbing the UV light… CONTINUE READING