Mechanism of chemiluminescence in Fenton reaction

  title={Mechanism of chemiluminescence in Fenton reaction},
  author={Irina Pavlovna Ivanova and Svetlana Vladimirovna Trofimova and Igor Mihailovich Piskarev and Natalia Alekseevna Aristova and Olga Evgenevna Burhina and Oksana Olegovna Soshnikova},
A scheme of the processes in Fenton solution with various substances is offered, and the channels of light formation registered by the luminometer are analyzed. Under the proposed scheme we discuss the possibilities of studying the properties of antioxidants and prooxidants. Oxidation of alanine, albumin and sodium oxalate have been taken as an example. The properties of ascorbic acid and the mechanism of display of its oxidant and prooxidant properties are analyzed herewith. Methodical… CONTINUE READING