Mechanism of activation of the TGF-β receptor

  title={Mechanism of activation of the TGF-β receptor},
  author={Jeffrey L. Wrana and Liliana Attisano and Rotraud Wieser and Francesc Ventura and Joan Massagu{\'e}},
Transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β) signals by contacting two distantly related transmem-brane serine/threonine kinases called receptors I and II. The role of these molecules in signalling has now been determined. TGF-β binds directly to receptor II, which is a constitutively active kinase. Bound TGF-β is then recognized by receptor I which is recruited into the complex and becomes phosphorylated by receptor II. Phosphorylation allows receptor I to propagate the signal to downstream substrates… CONTINUE READING
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