Mechanism of action of interferon-tau in the uterus during early pregnancy.

  title={Mechanism of action of interferon-tau in the uterus during early pregnancy.},
  author={Thomas Rask Hansen and Kathleen J. Austin and David J. Perry and James K. Pru and M. Glaucia Teixeira and Gregory A. Johnson},
  journal={Journal of reproduction and fertility. Supplement},
Early pregnancy is maintained in ruminants through the actions of conceptus-derived interferon (IFN)-tau on the endometrium. IFN-tau alters uterine release of PGF2 alpha' which results in rescue of the corpus luteum and continued release of progesterone. The mechanism of action of IFN-tau includes inhibition of oestradiol receptors, consequent reduction in oxytocin receptors, activation of a cyclooxygenase inhibitor, and a shift in the PGs to favour PGE2 over PGF2 alpha' IFN-tau also induces… CONTINUE READING


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