Mechanism of action of cyclokinins

  title={Mechanism of action of cyclokinins},
  author={N. V. Myshlyakova and R. O. Vitolinya and V. V. Golubeva and G. A. Afanas'eva and V. E. Klusha and F. K. Mutulis and I. {\'E}. Mutule and Gunars Chipens},
  journal={Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine},
Cyclic analogs of bradykinin (CBK) and kallidin (CK) have a weak myotropic activity and a marked and prolonged hypotensive effect unlike linear bradykinin (BK) and kallidin (K) which produce a short-term hypotension and considerable contraction of rat uterus smooth muscles. Myotropic effects of BK and CK were significantly inhibited by phentolamine… CONTINUE READING