Mechanism of Mss116 ATPase reveals functional diversity of DEAD-Box proteins.

  title={Mechanism of Mss116 ATPase reveals functional diversity of DEAD-Box proteins.},
  author={Wenxiang Cao and Maria Magdalena Coman and Steve C. Ding and Arnon Henn and Elizabeth R Middleton and Michael J. Bradley and Elizabeth Rhoades and David D Hackney and Anna M Pyle and Enrique M. De La Cruz},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={409 3},
Mss116 is a Saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondrial DEAD-box RNA helicase protein that is essential for efficient in vivo splicing of all group I and group II introns and for activation of mRNA translation. Catalysis of intron splicing by Mss116 is coupled to its ATPase activity. Knowledge of the kinetic pathway(s) and biochemical intermediates populated during RNA-stimulated Mss116 ATPase is fundamental for defining how Mss116 ATP utilization is linked to in vivo function. We therefore measured… CONTINUE READING