Mechanism of H. pylori Intracellular Entry: An in vitro Study

  title={Mechanism of H. pylori Intracellular Entry: An in vitro Study},
  author={Hua-jun Liu and Cristina Semino-Mora and Andr{\'e} DuBois},
  booktitle={Front. Cell. Inf. Microbio.},
The majority of Helicobacter pylori reside on gastric epithelial cell surfaces and in the overlying mucus, but a small fraction of H. pylori enter host epithelial and immune cells. To explore the role of the nudA invasin in host cell entry, a ΔnudA deletion derivative of strain J99 was constructed and transformants were verified by PCR and by fluorescence in situ hybridization. AGS cells were inoculated with either wild type (WT) strain J99 or its ΔnudA mutant to determine the fraction of… CONTINUE READING