Mechanism of Concerted RNA-DNA Primer Synthesis by the Human Primosome.

  title={Mechanism of Concerted RNA-DNA Primer Synthesis by the Human Primosome.},
  author={Andrey G Baranovskiy and Nigar D. Babayeva and Yinbo Zhang and Jianyou Gu and Yoshiaki Suwa and Youri I. Pavlov and Tahir H. Tahirov},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={291 19},
The human primosome, a 340-kilodalton complex of primase and DNA polymerase α (Polα), synthesizes chimeric RNA-DNA primers to be extended by replicative DNA polymerases δ and ϵ. The intricate mechanism of concerted primer synthesis by two catalytic centers was an enigma for over three decades. Here we report the crystal structures of two key complexes, the human primosome and the C-terminal domain of the primase large subunit (p58C) with bound DNA/RNA duplex. These structures, along with… CONTINUE READING

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