Mechanism of Allosteric Activation of SAMHD1 by dGTP

  title={Mechanism of Allosteric Activation of SAMHD1 by dGTP},
  author={Xiaoyun Ji and Ying Wu and Junpeng Yan and Jennifer M Mehrens and Haitao Yang and Maria C DeLucia and Caili Hao and Angela M. Gronenborn and Jacek Skowronski and Jinwoo Ahn and Yong Xiong},
  booktitle={Nature Structural &Molecular Biology},
SAMHD1, a dNTP triphosphohydrolase (dNTPase), has a key role in human innate immunity. It inhibits infection of blood cells by retroviruses, including HIV, and prevents the development of the autoinflammatory Aicardi–Goutières syndrome (AGS). The inactive apo-SAMHD1 interconverts between monomers and dimers, and in the presence of dGTP the protein assembles into catalytically active tetramers. Here, we present the crystal structure of the human tetrameric SAMHD1–dGTP complex. The structure… CONTINUE READING