Mechanism of Al(3+)-catalyzed oxidations of hydrocarbons: dramatic activation of H2O2 toward O-O homolysis in complex [Al(H2O)4(OOH)(H2O2)](2+) explains the formation of HO• radicals.


A radical mechanism of hydrocarbon oxidations with the environmentally friendly and cheap homogeneous nontransition metal system [Al(H(2)O)(6)](3+)/H(2)O(2)/MeCN-H(2)O was proposed for the first time on the basis of DFT calculations. A dramatic activation of H(2)O(2) toward homolysis in the key intermediate [Al(H(2)O)(4)(OOH)(H(2)O(2))](2+) due to the… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/ic102476x


4 Figures and Tables